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 Our company is dedicated to promote better health and well-being through education and inspiring others on the power and many uses of natural ingredients such as essential oils, cold pressed oils, clays, butters, salts and natural plant based creams and lotions.  Our product list is extensive, while our prices are inexpensive.
All natural plant based products manufactured by us. 
No parabens, no paraffins, no petroleum, no kidding, no problem! 
Just great stuff!

Eucalyptus Oil : Choosing the Right One

Eucalyptus is a member of the Melaleuca or Myrtacea botanical family; one of the most useful and medicinal group of plants in the world. It is likely that you have used it at some point as it is readily available in drugstores and has been used in OTC products such as cough candies, syrup and chest liniments .

If you are familiar with essential oils, it is a staple to have in your collection. However, the more you delve into essential oils, the more you notice that there are several species of oil available. People always ask me which one is the best  read more


Reflexology and Aromatherapy Certification Courses

The next round of certificaion course for Aromatherapy and Reflexology to be held at the Transformational Arts College  in Toronto have been posted. 
Reflexology Part-time begins Feb 28, and Full-time begins Monday April 13th
Aromatherapy Part-time begins Feb 21st
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