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Why We Think Spray Sanitizer is BEST

Post by Sebastian the Editor on April 15, 2020

We’ve noticed that there is a bias against spray hand sanitizers. People want gel sanitizer, but there’s no reason to avoid sprays! We get it, gels are extremely convenient, and they are the most popular sanitizer formula by far. These’s the unconscious belief that gel sanitizers are more effective, because it’s the only form of sanitizer that most people have encountered. The truth is that sprays are just as effective, and they have quite a few benefits as well! These include:

Think about how often you touch your phone

1. You can use it on more than just your hands!

With a gel hand sanitizer, the only thing you can really put it on is your hands. But that’s not the only place that needs sanitizing. There are so many surfaces that you touch that should be regularly sanitized. Spray sanitizers can be used on: phones, steering wheels, shopping carts, keyboards, door knobs, and more!


You don’t want your hands to be sticky like honey

2. No worries about it being sticky

Some gel hand sanitizer formulations can feel sticky or tacky after they dry. This is caused by the thickening agent that creates the gel consistency. You don’t have to worry about that with a spray! A spray will dry down and leave absolutely no sticky feeling.


3. They’re (still) convenient!

Yes, we know that gels are considered the height of convenience. But you can throw a spray bottle in your purse, or car, or pocket! You just pull it out, spray it on your hands until they are wet, then rub your hands thoroughly until it has dried. Easy! Plus (as mentioned before) you can carry it to spray on your phone or your steering wheel.


4. It’s much, much easier to make

This reason applies more to us than it does to you, unless you’re making your own sanitizer. But it is much easier! Which means that we can make a lot more of it, a lot quicker than we can with gel formulations. And with the extremely high demand for hand sanitizer currently,  this is crucial.

Another important thing to remember is that in the effort to make a gel, it takes longer and has more ingredients and steps. This passes onto a higher cost for the consumer.

If you are making your own sanitizer, spray is the way to go, unless you have product making experience already under your belt. Gels, especially gels with a high alcohol content, are very tricky to make. Sprays are easy; all you do is get your ingredients, pour them together, give them a mix, and pour into your containers!


Our Lavender and Black Spruce Hand Sanitizer Spray

So in conclusion, we implore you to give spray sanitizers a chance! They are versatile, still convenient, and easier to make.

You can view our hand sanitizers (including gel, if you still insist) here.

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