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The seven essentials of Looove

Post by Sandy Powell on February 11, 2022

Essential oils and the plants from which they are obtained have throughout history shown to be multifaceted for use with many conditions emotional and physical. But what about their use for erogenous endeavours?  Following is my top seven essentials to create love potions plus a few honorable mentions.

Bergamot - This is an obvious one for top  of the chart.  That supply of linly acetate unique to citrus oils from the peel along with a sprinkling of nervine and destressing limonene has been reputed for centuries to warm the heart chakra, melting away anger and allowing the wild pleasure filled thoughts to take over.

Close up of Bergamot fruit

Bergamot Fruit

Rose - Known as the "Queen of flowers" and the moniker "flower of love" it would seem so obvious but there is a scientific reasoning within the oil.  Nothing replaces the natural fresh aroma of pure rose petals from one of the nonmodified centifolia or damascene varieties, but in the super concentration of oil (over 100 kg of petals to make just 1 oz (30 ml) is a secret chemical found in only .14% is thought to be the secret key to unleash a needed flow of dopamine to kick start that happy, blissful erotic state.  This aromatic chemical is also strategically used in many wines, beers, chocolate and foods to tickle the senses...

You need a mountain of rose petals to create a bottle of rose oil

Ylang Ylang - The connection between this oil and erotic pleasure is widely known yet not quite understood.  It's profound effect on lowering blood pressure, reduced rapid breathing and heartbeat may have something to do with  reigniting sexual desires stifled by severe stress and anxiety.  However, caution is advised as overuse of this reputed aphrodisiac could lead to a headache which would nullify it's benefits for friends with benefits.

Ylang Ylang flowers

Neroli - Whether it was King Nero throwing his notoriously hedonist lavish parties imbued with copious amounts of neroli oil filling the air; or the inspiration of Marie Anne de La Trémoille; Princess of Nerola, who is credited with making Neroli oil popular with royalty by using the oil to perfume her gloves, clothing and bath; both are credited with the origin of neroli's namesake.  This soft sweet oil obtained from the orange blossom tree has a firm place in history with connection to love, sex, eroticism and exotic perfumery.

Sandalwood - the unique chemistry of this oil lend itself to a soothing and softening effect on any aspect of use whether it be fine skincare, perfumery or an aphrodesiac. Also reputed to have a cleansing and stimulating effect on the sex glands.  Another historical yet less celebrated use was to apply directly to herpes outbreaks and reduce symptoms of many STD's through sitz baths and lower abdominal compresses.   Wow, an oil that can take care of your sexual urges and needs from start to (unfortunate) finish.

Sandalwood Branches

Oakmoss - This earthy dark mysterious resinous liquid is a staple in colognes, perfumes, facial care with particular focus on men's products.  Often described as "the warmth of a Man" this heavy, woodsy exotic oil acts as a fixative to blend and compliment so many other notes and fragrant ingredients, transforming to irresistible  aromatics that women seem to love.  It even has a romantic sounding French name "mousse de chene".  Not bad for a curly little unattractive greyish lichen which grows on oak trees.

Oakmoss closeup

Closeup of Oakmoss

Jasmine - Considered the "King of Oils", this rich sweet succulent flower has both a masculine and feminine appeal.  It's so exotic, the petals have to be obtained during the twilight of the moon when the flower is most potent.    Many who harvest these pearlescent petals find themselves wandering in the field aimlessly looking for lost love, drunk on the aromatic bliss which overcomes all senses.  No wonder hopeless romantics fall for this one causing weakness in the knees.

Jasmine Flowers

Some Honourable Mentions

Patchouli - Another oil forever entwined with the Hippies' 60's Peace, Love and Having Sex at Outdoor Festivals movement.   Please serve with jasmine.

Grapefruit - According to some studies, this oil makes women appear about six years younger to the average man. Helpful for trophy wife hunters that want a dash of maturity in their catch.

Black pepper - Once used as currency, it was also reputed to enhance sexual performance. Sex and money were closely tied back in ancient times. Still used in several men's colognes.

Happy Valentines Day!


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