Synthetic Aromas - The Insidious Erosion of Personal Choice

Post by Sandy Powell on March 21, 2014

I posted a report on a chronology of how aromas went from all 100% natural to less than 20% natural in about 100 years. It’s intended to be a factual account of how it progressed. This segment is part of a series of blogs expressing my opinions , thoughts and observations about this subject; some of which may be obvious while others are not…

The Insidious Erosion of Choice

mass of people

“The eradication of natural odour

plays an enormous role in transforming

a large number of individuals into a

homogenous mass of people with

identical preferences, behaviours and feelings.”
Kurt Schnaubelt, Medical Aromatherapy

I have loved this quote from the first time I read it. I think it illuminates a pitiful reality about our society. A relatively small but powerful group of companies now dictates what the masses see, think, hear, taste and smell. Many are following gleefully along, almost Orwellian if I may be so bold.

It seems to be at a point where we have forgotten what natural aromas are all about, and the many important benefits they provide. Personally I believe that the aromas and flavours we choose should be as spontaneous and unique as us. I want to be in control of what I want to smell and taste, when I want to smell and taste, and if I want to smell and taste!

Haven’t we had enough loss of individuality with watching the same TV shows, wearing all the latest fashions and colours buying the same packaged foods, shampoos, room fresheners, plugins and rushing out to find the latest perfume because some airbrushed model is peddling this stuff? I doubt they use it anyways.

I think that choosing our own food and aromas are a great way to reclaim some of our lost individuality and creativity while improving health and well-being. For those of you who ride the packaged food and cosmetic merry-go-round, here’s something radical to do. Go to the store, buy some fresh herbs and spices like basil, rosemary, oregano, ginger, garlic, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats if you so choose. Compliment with fresh cut flowers or aromatic potted plant, then, find some pure essential oils.

I strongly suggest that when shopping for such items, avoid the big box stores and focus on the small independent operators, local markets and companies with history of expertise about some of these items. These business owners may actually care about the quality of what they are selling and value you as a consumer. They usually have more imagination as well which may rub off so beware...

Then, go home, put your fresh flowers on the table, sprinkle some essential oils around to naturally stimulate your appetite, ( I suggest peppermint, basil, orange amongst many possibilities). Then cook a simple and delightful meal from scratch using the fresh fare, herbs and spices. For best results, enjoy with others who would like to reclaim personal choice.

I figure that there will be a small segment of people who read this and think “yeah, I already do this”, and another small segment that will see the light and begin to experience the empowerment of reclaiming personal choice and taste. The rest I am afraid will merrily continue on as they were; that is why they are the masses….

Bon Appetite

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