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The Seven Essentials: SPRING CLEANING

Post by Sandy Powell on April 7, 2019

You can feel it. The days are getting longer, the sun feels just a bit warmer and brighter. Yes, spring is in the air, floating just around the corner. It’s not quite time to thrust open the windows allowing nature to waft in – still too cold. You want to banish the stuffy air in your humble abode and shove winter out on its arse, but you’ve read the news; noxious ammonia, harsh chemical cleaners with phthalate laden synthetic aromas can be quite hazardous, and well, not natural.

Pure essential oils and common non-toxic ingredients can assist you with your plight. While there are many that can be helpful, we have compiled seven essentials and a few of these common substances which will get the job done.

Cedarwood – Unique chemistry mix of cedrenes and cedrol provide a fresh aromatic blast to create an outdoorsy vibe even when stuck inside. Calming effect will ease your disdain for cleaning and your pets will looove it!

Eucalyptus globulus – An abundance of 1,8 cineole (AKA eucalyptol) sprinkled with some aromadendrin and phellandrene make it one of the best airborne defenses against bacteria and other nasty microbes A simple solution for all your surface to air germ warfare.

Clove – A high concentration of eugenol makes it one of the most powerful disinfectants on the planet and a widely used dental disinfectant. Anything that can keep your mouth free of harmful microbes has to be great for your house too. Will also deter crawling, flying bugs and other pests from entering your home

Lemongrass –A plethora of aldehydes including citral, citronellal and geranial provide superior anti fungal and antiviral to clean up after all those nasty colds and flu smeared surfaces. Earthy, sweet and clean, the aroma will last much longer than many other essential oils. Will also multi-task to deter flying and crawling pests

Lemon – Short, sharp astringent effect of high limonene content to destroy bacteria while providing a burst of sunshine.

Rosemary – A laundry list of useful constituents such as 1-8 cineole, a & b pinene, and phellandrenes creates a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial to purify the air and sharpen your mind.

Ti-tree – Terpenes, pinenes, caryophyllene, sabinene, linalool, 1,8 cineol and terpineol; truly an all round anti-microbic force of nature against bacterial, viruses and fungi; It’s reputation world wide for centuries for cleaning is well earned.

Other Useful Ingredients
Baking Soda
Citric Acid


Cedar Fresh Home Disinfectectant Spray 500 ml

25 Drops Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil
25 Drops Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil
20 Drops Pure Ti-tree oil
50 ml glycerine
*50 ml SD Alcohol

Distilled or reverse osmosis water (Any water will do the but the aforementioned is best.
1 – 500 ml (16 oz) glass or plastic bottles with spray caps.
1. Mix essential oils with alcohol and glycerine, stir till completely mixed and let sit for 5 minutes **The mixture will initially smell strong of alcohol but it will dissipate when added to water
2. Add 225 ml water and pour into bottle and give it a good shake. Shake periodically before use. Simple, easy and natural!

*Denatured alcohol can be replaced with more glycerine

Sparkling Clove Tub Scrub

20 Drops Clove Oil
30 Drops Lemon
40 Drops Rosemary
100g citric acid
100g Borax
500g Baking Soda

Mix powdered ingredients together in large glass jar or container. Add in drops of oils a few at a time, shake vigorously and repeat till all oils are mixed in. Use as needed to scrub sinks, bath tubs or other surfaces of grime, soap scum and dirt. Use scrubbing brush or wear gloves

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