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Post by Sandy Powell on November 29, 2019


So, it’s been just over a year since we opened our store, that’s “brick and mortar” to all you young’uns.  It’s been an interesting journey and one I’m now happy to have taken.  You see, it wasn’t my intention to do “retail”.  Any one who really knows me well, kind of giggled at the idea  of my volunteered exposure to the general public.  I have been behind the scenes for most of my career teaching standard Aromatherapy programs, working with many health care professionals including medical Drs. Naturopaths, nurses, RMT’s, consulting, writing courses, papers, dealing with suppliers, travelling to places to learn about oils, selling wholesale, custom buying, private label services and managing our online store.  Quite happily I might add.

I needed more space for the business as it was growing exponentially.  There wasn’t much available in this area, and all I really wanted was some more commercial space to put our finished products for online store shipping, have a place for customers to come and shop (by huge request), and run some workshops on product making and simple essential oil uses.  I looked everywhere except the main street, to no avail.  Then our current location came up for lease.  I had to be coaxed to even go look at it.  Once in there though, I realized it would nicely suit our needs.

Given that the store is only part of our business, we did not need to be in a hurry to make it all spiffy.  Several coats of paint and other forms of lipstick has gradually transformed the space.  We decided to do a “soft opening”.  It’s still soft, but who cares.

Interior of our Storefront


Dire warnings were foisted upon me about the perils of retail, like … nasty people, long boring hours, shoplifting, unruly children and on and on.  Well, so far, I am happy to report that we haven’t really experienced much of that.  I can only think of two unpalatable customers and they won’t be back because we don’t tolerate any form of abuse and don’t need their money. My staff love coming to work and there is lots to do so it is never boring.  Any shoplifters would be instant internet stars featured on all of our social media platforms courtesy of in-store cameras.  And, children that misbehave, well, we understand they are children.  We just smile lovingly and give them an espresso, free puppy and a Kazoo on the way out.

Seriously though, I think our customers have been awesome and really appreciate our big selection of ingredients and packaging at the best prices around.  No more sketchy ordering from big box conglomerates online. Add to this our ever expanding sample bar, the great advice on your DIY projects and all the other natural skin care products we have, it’s worth the drive to Midland.


Sandy and Nascent Naturals Staff – Shawna, Rose, Sebastian, Suzie & Kathleen

P.S If you can’t make the drive, You can still order from our small conglomerate online store.




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