Wool Dryer Balls


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Handmade in Canada, these pure wool dryer balls are a great natural alternative to dryer sheets! They offer some amazing benefits:

  • Reduce drying time
  • Save electricity
  • Soften clothes and reduce static and wrinkles
  • Safe for sensitive skin and babies
  • Extends your clothing's life span

Note: You will receive wool dryer balls in an assorted colour - white, brown and grey. The balls are not dyed - they are the natural colour of the sheep's wool! It is recommended to use at least 3 dryer balls at a time. Using only one will not be effective.


How to use:

Add a couple drops of essential oils or to each of your dryer balls, or spray with essential oil spray, if desired. If adding an aroma, rub your balls together after adding your oil or spray.

Then toss 3 balls in your dryer, 6 for larger loads.


Caring for Wool Balls:

Over time, your wool balls will begin to pill and pick up loose threads, this means they're working hard for your clothes! Just give them a trim as needed to remove the pills/threads.


How to Dispose of Wool Dryer Balls:

These balls will last approximately 1000 dryer loads! Once they're reached the end of their long life, wool is biodegradable! It can be planted in your garden as mulch to hold moisture and add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.


Where Does the Wool Come From?

The white wool is from Montana and South Dakota, while brown and grey wool is from Patagonia and Europe. It is sourced only from cruelty free farms that raise sheep for wool, not meat, and the sheep live free-range.

The dryer balls are then assembled in Canada.

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