Ti-Tree Hydrosol

Ti-Tree Hydrosol


Ti-tree Hydrosol – Melaleuca alternifolia – Australia

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Ti-tree Hydrosol – Melaleuca alternifolia – Australia

While Ti-tree essential oil gets all of the attention for it’s strong antiseptic, anti-microbic properties, it can be somewhat harsh on the skin.  The hydrosol contains many of these properties yet is much more gentle.  This makes it much safer for babies and those with sensitive skin.

The water is very reminiscent of the essential oil with a much milder earthy and somewhat medicinal aroma.

Suggested Uses

Use full strength as a mild disinfectant for minor skin abrasions, cuts or acne.  You can also mix with other hydrosols such as sweetgrass, witch hazel, cedarleaf or water soluble ingredients such as aloe, cucumber or green tea extract for a clean, fresh facial toner or serum.

Add small amounts to cream or lotion to provide a more astringent effect.

All of our hydrosols are sourced directly from the process of the distillation of plant material to produce essential oils or hydrosol. We do not sell “floral waters” or manufactured aromatic waters which are created by dissolving essential oils with chemicals or alcohols in water. We could show you how to do that on your own. Hydrosols have a unique chemistry and energy which can’t be replicated by dissolving fragrance or essential oils in water.

Hydrosols – An aromatic water resulting from the distillation of plant material to obtain essential oils.

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