Shea Butter


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Shea / Karite Butter - Butyrospermum parkii - Naturally refined, deodorized

Shea Butter is a vegetable fat extracted from the fruit from the Karite tree found in Africa.  Our butter is cold pressed and non-chemically processed. By not using chemicals the beneficial natural chemical properties of the butter are preserved. A natural emollient which leaves the skin feeling satiny, smooth.  May be used full strength in cases of severe chaffing or irritation, but more commonly used  an ingredient of creams, lotions, ointment bases.  Used as substitution for lanolin as it provides nourishment, can form a barrier yet not provoke allergic reactions or inhibit absorption the way lanolin does. Aids in helping the skin to retain moisture, and protect against wind and other elements.  Excellent use to sooth and avoid diaper rash.

Shea Butter has also be reputed throughout history to protects against damage caused by the sun, however there is no established SPF rating and we do not recommend use as a sunblock.
Methods of Use
Full Strength - Shea butter is solid below room temperature but melts on contact with skin.  For direct use, take a small amount and warm it in hands.  A few drops of a favorite essential oil can be added at this point. Rub gently in  hands until it is liquid enough to spread on area of body required.

Creams, Lotions - Since shea butter is solid, it mut be heated in with these types of products as they are manufactured.  Add to oil phase.  Recommended use level 1-2%.  May be higher for ointments and body butters.

Ointments, Body Butters - Mixtures need to be heated to liquid state, add butter, stir in thoroughly then allow to cool and solidify.  recommended use level 1- 10%

Melting Point 30 - 45%C


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