Robbers Remedy Essential Oil Blend


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Robbers Remedy Essential Oil Blend

We developed our own version of a popular “Thieves” essential oil blend quite some time ago but are just getting around to selling it on our site.   The basic composition is clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus radiata.  The secret is that the oils in the blend are highly anti-microbic.  Most essential oils are, but these mixed together really pack a punch!

This powerful and proprietary blend of essential oils has spun off from the legend of the “4 thieves” remedy originated around the time of Nicholas Culpepper, a noted botanist from the 16th century.  The story apparently originated during the Bubonic Plague, Four thieves who had come together each with a highly disinfectant plant concoction, combined these plants to protect themselves against the plagues so they could rob the dead and dying of valuables.  Rather morbid to say the least.  Upon their capture, they gave up this recipe, and in return their lives were spared.  It was thought that anything that could protect others from this horrible disease was worth knowing and putting to the public.

The original recipe was thought to be mixtures of garlic, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove camphor, wintergreen plus many other variations boiled down into vinegar.  While it does not really resemble the original concoction (they didn’t have access to many essential oils back then, especially eucalyptus) other companies have come up with their own patented formula and trademarked “Thieves” so no one can sell a blend under this name.  How on earth someone can trademark a word in the dictionary is beyond my understanding, but to avoid any issues, we have appropriately named our blend “Robbers Remedy”  Please read safety information and disclaimer at bottom of page before use.


General Use Suggestions

Diffuser; Add a small amount (approx 5-10 drops) and diffuse for about 10 minutes.  When diffusing around children, just use 1 drop.

Massage Application: Add 5 drops to 15 -30 ml massage oil or lotion for single use body treatment.  Avoid use with sensitive or damaged skin.

Body Creams / Lotions: Add up to 5 drops per 30 ml (1 oz) of lotion or cream and apply to feet, hands  or chest.  Not recommended for facial applications or other areas of sensitive skin. 

Cleaning: Dilute in unscented liquid soap (approx 5 dr per 30 ml), or other natural cleaning ingredients such as borax or baking soda.

Room / cleaning sprays:  Mix 25 drops in 30 ml denatured alcohol or glycerine and then add 225 ml water.  Put mixture in 8oz or 250 ml capacity spray bottle.  Always shake before use

Cautions / Safety Data
Not for internal use.  Do not use on the skin full strength. Always dilute in appropriate carriers before use. General dilutions should not exceed 3% pure blend when applying to skin.  A very potent oil blend with intense aroma. Use in small amounts. If pregnant or suffering from serious medical conditions, consult a qualified health professional, experienced in the use of essential oils.  Not recommended for direct applications or deep direct inhalations with children.  Avoid use in any form with infants.  Dilute max 1 drop per 30 ml (oz) of carrier with small children.
Essential oils are not meant to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment of diseases and conditions.  When in doubt, please consult a physician.
Image credit: Cinnamon leaves by VASANTH S.N. Licensed under CC Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported. This image has been remixed/edited. 


Additional information

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100ml, 15ml, 1L, 500ml, 5ml


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