Ointment Base




Ointment Base

This product is manufactured in small batches by Nascent Naturals Inc. from a proven recipe which was developed over 15 years ago.  All ingredients are natural,non-petroleum,  plant based or sourced.

Ingredients : Coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, beeswax,  stearic acid, shea butter, &  vitamin E

Suggested Uses: This product can be used by itself as a natural unscented ointment  or add small amounts of essential oils ( up to 3%), carrier oils (up to 5%), vegetable butters  etc. to customize for your skincare needs. Great as a natural body butter!   **Only fat and oil soluble ingredients can be mixed with this base.  Base product should be gently heated in a double boiler till liquid, before mixing supplementary ingredients.

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1 kg, 200 g, 3.6 kg, 50 g

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