Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp Seed Oil – Unrefined – Organic –  Cannabis sativa Extraction Method: Cold pressing of seedsOrigin: CanadaColour: Deep mossy greenAroma: slightly nuttyViscosity: Medium – thin Stability / Shelf Life:  1- 2 yearsStorage:: Store out of direct

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Hemp Seed Oil – Unrefined – Organic 

INCI / Botanical  Name: Cannabis sativa

Extraction Method: Cold pressing of seeds

Origin: Canada

Colour: Deep mossy green

Aroma: slightly nutty

Viscosity: Medium – thin 

Stability / Shelf Life:  1- 2 years

Storage:: Store out of direct light in cool place.  refrigerator or freezer are preferred.  Oil will not solidify if placed in freezer.

General Information

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil has emerged as a complete nutritious oil for skin, hair and body.  Relaxed government regulations have allowed people to finally discover this wonder oil which is an easily renewable crop and processed right here in Canada.   The oil contains more naturally occurring essential fatty acids than most other plant-derived oils, many of which have to be sourced from other parts of the world.  A balanced 3:1 Omega-6: Omega-3 EFA ratio and GLA and Omega 9, make it a versatile ingredient for skincare and dietary requirements.

Suggested Uses

Since hemp oil is chock full of nutritional fatty acids, lipids and omegas make it a perfect choice for skincare needs.  It absorbs easily providing needed nourishment to the skin hair and nails

Creams / Lotions

For the following, only use natural plant based creams, lotions and ointments

Add 1 -3% for delicate facial creams.  Used for healing wounds, rashes and irritating skin conditions, reducing appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.

Add 5 -10 % to lotions and create a softer luxurious feeling skin treatment

Massage Oils

Add 1-5% to body massage oil blends to sooth dry cracked irritiated skin.

Facial / Massage Oils

Add up to 5 % to a base oil mixture of any combination of coconut, jojoba or macadamia oil to create a luxurious nourishing skin treatment


Add 1 -10 % to an ointment base as last ingredient before removing from heat to solidify.  Acts as an emollient to sooth damaged, irritated skin.


Because we are not an approved food packaging company, we can’t legally tell you that you can ingest this oil, but if you google “Hemp Oil and nutritional benefits”, you will see a plethora of nutritional information and recipes to stimulate your imagination.  You’re welcome!


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