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Frankincense Hydrosol


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Frankincense Hydrosol – Boswellia sacra – Oman

Botanical: Boswellia carteri sacra

Country:  Oman (resin), Distilled in Canada

Aroma: Fresh, sweet, softer than distilled oil with slight woodsy undertone

Storage / Shelf Life: Keep in cool dry place. Shelf life  1 year – 18 months if stored correctly.

General Information

This exquisite and exotic hydrosol is distilled right here in Canada.  The resin is imported from Oman where it can be locally processed in a state of the art distiller.  This allows for a quality hydrosol at a reasonable price as the  extreme cost of shipping heavy drums of water are not factored in to the price of the product. 

Much more gentle and delicate in effects and aroma make it very useful and safe for children and elderly as a gentle inhalant and directly on the skin. This sacred water has been traditionally used for centuries to clear the air of negative energies, promote deeper breathing as well as religious, spiritual ceremonies and anointing. 

Popular with skincare applications as it is gentle, very healing  and easy to apply with little to no reaction*.

This hydrosol does not contain any other ingredients, solubilizers or preservatives.

Suggested Uses

Sprays:  Use full strength or mix with other hydrosols or water soluble ingredients and extracts for a refreshing facial mist, body spray or ceremonial spiritual applications

Skincare: Use full strength as a spray ( not for use in the eyes), facial toner or mix with other hydrosols and botanical extracts.  A fine addition to any base cream or lotion to enhance emollient, soothe irritated, dry skin

Disclaimer: While this is a gentle easy to use ingredient, it is always advised to test a small amount on the skin or thoroughly dilute  before expanded use on it’s own or in products.  None of the above information above is intended to be accepted as  medical advice or to replace medical procedures. However using this product may make you feel better which they don’t like.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1L, 250ml, 4L, 500ml, 950 ml


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