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Facial Therapy Cream Base


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Facial Therapy Cream Base – Unscented

A much more delicate formula than our regular cream base.  Designed to absorb quickly while nourishing and softening the delicate skin on the face, neck and under eyes.

Use by itself as an unscented moisturizer or add some of your favorite essential oils, carrier oils or fine botanicals to customize your skincare needs.

All ingredients are natural, plant based or sourced and formulate a skin friendly, pH balanced, nourishing and moisturizing treatment.. The water source is originally from a well, then filtered and run through a reverse osmosis system.

The preservative used is Optiphen™ (phenoxyethanol & capryly glycol) which contains no parabens, formaldehyde, or formaldehyde donor components.  It is approved world-wide and considered a revolutionary product in the quest for effective, safe and clinically proven cosmetic preservatives which are free of harmful chemicals.

Ingredients: Reverse osmosis water, coconut water, medium chain triglycerides, virgin coco creme, vegetable based emulsifying wax NF, jojoba oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerine, d-panthenol, shea & sal butter,, vitamin E, phenoxyethanol & capryly glycol (paraben free preservative) seaweed extract

Suggested Uses: This product can be used by itself as a natural unscented cream for environmentally sensitive skin, or add small amounts of essential oils, botanical extracts, carrier oils etc. to customize your skincare needs.

Suggested essential Oils: immortelle, rose, neroli, lavender, jasmine, geranium, chamomile (Use up to 1%)

Suggested Carrier Oils: avocado, argan, carrot tissue, rosehip seed, seabuckthorne oils.   (Use 1-2 %)

Suggested Fine Ingredients: green tea extract, seaweed aloe gel, seaweed extract, vitamin E. (use up to 2%)

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