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Facial Cleanser Base

Yet another one of our trusted formulas with many years of excellent results and reviews.  A unique unscented Facial Cleanser comprised of skin friendly, plant based ingredients which gently remove dirt and excess oils from the skin while leaving it silky soft.  No soap or detergents which strip natural oils from the skin or heavy oils to clog pores.

Directions: Wet face and hands, then apply a small amount to face and neck, massaging in slow outward circles, covering the entire face.  Gently rinse with tepid water or tissue off to remove make-up.   Also useful for application to other dry, chapped, irritated areas of skin.

Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis water, virgin coca crème, vegetable based emulsifying wax NF,  coconut milk, cetyl alcohol, glycerine, shea butter, vitamin E, *phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol (*Ecocert® preservative 0.5%)

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1 L, 240 ml, 4 L, 60 ml

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