Emulsifying Wax -NF


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Emulsifying Wax NF (Lipowax) - Vegetable Based, Non Ionic

A nonionic emulsifying wax which is a well-established in cosmetics and used successfully in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries for many years. A vegetable-derived emulsifier and stabiliser offering formulators quick and reliable solutions to a wide variety of emulsification problems.

Due to its versatility, this wax can be used in both skin and hair care systems, producing emulsions with excellent texture and stability. In skin care products theformation of liquid crystals within the emulsion promotes 'time release' hydration, and also functions as a slow release delivery mechanism for actives.  Using Polawax as the emulsifying system reduces the development time for new product innovations and minimises raw material inventories, thereby lowering costs overall.

Functional Benefits

mild, oil-in-water self-bodying emulsifiers  liquid crystal formation promotes 'time-release' hydration

emulsions represent stable vehicles for the delivery of most actives over a wide pH range

Other benefits include; excellent ambient and high temperature stability. emulsions show good long-term storage stability, electrolyte tolerant,  no neutralisation required.



  • Skin care
  • Moisturising creams and lotions
  • Sun protection systems
  • Aftersun products
  • Sunless tanning creams and lotions
  • AHA/BHA creams
  • Baby creams and lotions
  • Night creams
  • Anti-wrinkle creams
  • Pharmaceutical ointments and bases
  • Depilatories
  • Antiperspirants/deodorants
  • Can be used as a stand alone emulsifier or enhanced with other emulsifiers such as cetyl alcohol, stearic acid and lecithin


Suggested use levels:

Cream 4-8%

Lotion 2 - 5%


** This emulsifier is hydrophylic so not recommended for use as a stand alone emulsifier with anhydrous or low water formulas such as ointments and salves.  Beeswax and other lipophylic waxes should be combined for better performance.


Additional information

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1 kg, 250 g


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