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Elemi (African)


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Elemi (African) – Canarium Schweinfurthii – Angola

Family: Burseraceae

Country of Origin: Angola

Extraction: Steam distilled resin

Volatility: Middle Note


Aroma: A tangy, sweet aroma reminiscent of Lemon, Pepper, and Pine, with musky undertones. Has more depth and complexity than other Elemi varieties, such as the Elemi from the Philippines.


Cautions / Safety Data
Not for internal use. Do not use on the skin full strength. Always dilute in appropriate carriers before use. If pregnant or suffering from serious medical conditions, consult a qualified health professional, experienced in the use of essential oils.


Useful Information

Elemi is sought after by perfumers; African Elemi in particular as it has more depth, complexity and softness than other Elemi varieties, such as Canarium luzonicum from the Philippines.

A relative of Frankincense and Myrrh, Elemi is excellent to add to fine facial creams to help rejuvenate and restore skin to a youthful glow.


Essential oils are not meant to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment of diseases and conditions. When in doubt, please consult a physician.

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15ml, 5ml


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