Earth Essential Oil 5 Pack


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This pack of essential oils includes 5 earthy and woody essential oils, to help you feel connected to the outdoors.

This kit includes: Cedarleaf, Oakmoss 10%, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Sandalwood 10%.


Cedarleaf: Light, sweet, refreshing, reminiscent of cedar trees. Also known as arborvitae, white cedar or “Tree of Life”. The cedar tree is part of the cupressaceae botanical family which includes both red and white cedars which is native to Canada and other parts of North America. The tree is steeped in rich history of spiritual and medicinal uses and provides a plethora of useful products. Smudge sticks and natural pet beds are made from selected small leaves and branches. The sap has been used to seal and disinfect wounds for centuries.

Oakmoss 10%: Rich, woody, and earthy. Oakmoss is a fixative. These oils are deeper and usually heavier than most base notes. Oakmoss is among the favourites of the perfume industry to fix, ground or hold back aromas in the blend which are lighter.

Patchouli: Strongly earthy and woody. Is considered by many to be useful in warding off creepy crawlies. Gives a very strong earth note, and is often used in perfumery.

Petitgrain: Woody, musty and refreshing. We refer to this oil as the masculine lavender. May be more suited for those who dislike the aroma of lavender but want the healing properties. Very easy to blend with most oils, enhancing most mixtures.

Sandalwood 10%: Soft, woody, exotic. This is a classic floater oil. It does not have a dominant aroma, rather a soft unassuming oil. Creates synergy and harmony in a blend. While not always directly detectable in a blend, it may be conspicuous by its absence.


Why are some of the oils in a 10% dilution? Oakmoss, and Sandalwood are each in a 10% dilution in fractionated coconut oil because they are precious oils. This means that they are very difficult – and expensive – to extract and produce. For example, Rose must be cultivated at dawn and is processed immediately to obtain the maximum yield of oil. It is one of the highest priced oils to obtain due to the substantial number of petals required to produce a relatively small amount of oil.⁠ Precious oils are also very potent, and only really needed pure if you are doing something such as making perfume. We have provided the precious oils in a 10% dilution in order to keep this kit accessible and affordable.


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