Coconut Virgin Carrier Oil


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Coconut Oil  Virgin - Coco Creme - Organic

INCI / Botanical  Name: Cocos nucifera

Extraction Method: Cold pressing of white flesh

Grade: Virgin Press

Origin: Malaysia

Colour: Clear liquid above room temps.  Solid white below

Aroma: Strong aroma characteristic of coconut

Stability / Shelf Life: Entire composition of significant fatty acids makes it one of the most stable carrier oils.  Not prone to rancidity with long shelf life. High OSI rating.

Storage: Storage at temperature range of 50–70°F away from direct sunlight is adequate. Keep tightly capped after use. If you purchase large quantities for therapeutic use, keep only a small amount (6 - 10 oz) on hand in a smaller bottle with the rest stored away.  Exposure to air and in some cases high heat is what can most easily destabilize vegetable oils.

General Information

In texture and viscosity it is one of the lightest oils on the market – Although it will go solid below room temperature, it is lighter than fractionated coconut oil. It retains a light sweet coconut taste and aroma, melts quickly upon touching the skin and is colourless and clear when melted. Shelf life is longer than refined coconut oil and much longer than solvent pressed oil..

It begins as solid crystalline fatty oil which liquefies only when heated above 90° F with an obvious coconut aroma.  The oil is obtained by pressing the white flesh found inside the shell of the husk. True virgin coconut oil is produced using wet milling process, which is designed to produce fresh pure oil on a large scale while preserving all components inherent in natural coconut oil such as squallenes, sterols, vitamin E and other antioxidants.

This technology extracts oil by mechanical means only; without high temperature, chemicals, solvents or enzymatic treatment. It is a natural process, as the physical or chemical characteristics of the coconut oil are not altered in any way. The result is a high quality, unrefined virgin oil. The disadvantage to the wet process is that the yield tends to be lower than that of other methods like solvent extraction. This along with the need to use high quality raw materials translate into a higher product cost.

Coconut oils in general are very skin friendly as their fatty acid composition is very close to the chemistry of sebum in our own skin.  The need to liquefy this particular grade before use is a barrier for some therapeutic purposes.

Suggested Uses:

Cosmetic Formulation: One of the most ideal for premium skincare products such as eye, face creams, cleansers and body butters.  It must be heated to mix with other ingredients and essential oils but will easily tolerate high heat in the manufacturing process. Very nourishing and excellent film forming properties.  Obvious coconut aroma may present issues with finished product.

Massage Oil: Excellent oil to use on its own as it absorbs well with little to no greasy feel.  Because it absorbs well, it may not be viscous enough on its own for some massage applications.  Product needs to be heated before use which reduces practicality.

Bath Oil: Partly water soluble so will not leave thick oily film in bathtubs.

** Not practical for use with essential oils as the obvious coconut oil aroma may interfere with intended aroma.  If coconut aroma is part of intention, you have a natural choice.

Additional information

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1 review for Coconut Virgin Carrier Oil

  1. Victoria Sirmai (verified owner)

    A great quality coconut oil that I use not only in skin care but also to remove makeup. A much healthier alternative to makeup removers sold at Shoppers. Thank you, Sandy, for the tip!

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