Coconut Oil – RBD 76


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Coconut Oil -RBD 76

INCI / Botanical  Name: Cocos nucifera

Extraction Method: Cold pressing of white flesh

Grade: *RBD – Refined, Bleached, Deodorized

Origin: Malaysia

Colour: Clear to slight yellow liquid  above 76°F.  Solid white below

Aroma: Slight aroma characteristic of coconut

Stability / Shelf Life: Entire composition of significant fatty acids makes it one of the most stable carrier oils.  Not prone to rancidity with long shelf life. High OSI rating. 

Storage:Storage at temperature range of 50–70°F away from direct sunlight is adequate. Keep tightly capped after use. If you purchase large quantities for therapeutic use, keep only a small amount (6 – 10 oz) on hand in a smaller bottle with the rest stored away.  Exposure to air and in some cases high heat is what can most easily destabilize vegetable oils.  

General Information

Oil is obtained by pressing the white flesh found inside the shell of the husk.  It begins as solid crystalline fatty oil which liquefies only when heated above 90° F with an obvious coconut aroma.  The fraction of the oil that gives it the strong distinct aroma of coconut is removed through heat and centrifuge process which does not involve solvents or chemicals. 

The result is that the oil liquifies above 76° F and solidifies below, hence the name of the oil.

In terms of this oil, RBD refers to:

Refined: Select fatty acids are removed

Bleached: Other fatty acids are removed to leave a whiter paste (no bleaches used in process)

Deodorized: fatty acids which give it distinct aroma of coconut are removed.

Coconut oils in general are very skin friendly as their fatty acid composition is very close to the chemistry of sebum in our own skin.  The need to liquefy it to use is a barrier for some therapeutic purposes especially when blending with essential oils, however once essential oils or other carriers are mixed and temperature is below 76, the mixture will become solid and retain aromas.

Also used as an aid in tanning, an emollient for the skin and as a pomade for the hair. Less expensive than other coconut oils, it is one of the favourites used by soap and cosmetic manufacturers.

Suggested Uses:

Soap and Cosmetic Formulation

One of the most ideal for solid soaps, ointments, body butters, creams and lotions.  It must be heated to mix with other ingredients and essential oils.

Additional information

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