Clove Bud

A 5ml bottle of Clove Bud essential oil in front of a background covered in clove buds

Clove Bud


Clove Bud- Eugenia caryophyllata – Indonesia

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Clove Bud- Eugenia caryophyllata – Indonesia

Family: Myrtaceae

Origin: Indonesia

Extraction: Steam distillation or CO2 extraction of dried buds

Volatility: Base note

Colour: Yellowish

Aroma: Spicy, heavy, pungent


Noted Constituents

Alcohols – Phenols : Eugenol (70-80%), chavicol

Esters (22%) – Eugenyl acetate ( 8-19%)

Terpenes – Sesquiterpenes (5.5%) : a & b caryophellene, a& b humulene


Cautions / Safety Data

Do not use during pregnancy.  Known skin irritant.  A very potent oil, use in low dilution and with caution. Not generally recommended for massage application. Avoid with epilepsy. Do not use on the skin full strength. Always dilute in appropriate carriers before use.  Not for internal use. Use sparingly with asthma and other severe respiratory conditions.   If pregnant or suffering from serious medical conditions, consult a qualified health professional, experienced in the use of essential oils.


Useful Information

Very strong, heavy oil with persistent aroma.  Elevated levels of phenols and esters mean a long shelf life of at least 4 -5 years. This essential oil has a strong warming effect. It is considered by many to be useful for warding off crawling insects.



Essential oils are not meant to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment of diseases and conditions.  When in doubt, please consult a physician.

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