Black Spruce Hydrosol


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Black Spruce Hydrosol – Picea mariana

Aroma – Earthy, evergreen

Stability: It is fairly stable and can last up to two years. Like all hydrosols, refrigeration will allow it to last longer periods of time.


Our Black Spruce Hydrosol is distilled in Ontario by Nascent Naturals! Black Spruce is a very stimulating plant. Due to it’s strong disinfectant properties, it has been compared to Ti-Tree.


Suggested Uses:

  • Can help freshen and clear the air of unpleasant aromas.
  • Can also be used in ceremonial sprays and as a liquid smudge.
  • The spray can be used as a natural soothing antiseptic for minor cuts, abrasions and sun burns.
  • Hunters will spray themselves with Black Spruce Hydrosol to mask their ‘human’ smell.
  • Can be used in pet products as most animals recognize spruce as being natural


Hydrosols – A by-product from the distillation of essential oils. Most common are orange blossom, rose, lavender, rosemary and chamomile. If an essential oils has been distilled then its hydrosol exists. In most cases, hydrosols are very pleasant and friendly to the skin. These waters are mildly antiseptic, astringent, and lightly fragrant. They can be applied directly to the skin as a toner, mixed with creams, in facial compresses, lotions or used as a body splash. A great alternative to essential oils when treating children and are often referred to as the ‘gentle aromatherapy.’ When possible, use instead of just water. Conversely, a plant can be distilled which does not produce an essential oil, but does have aromatic and therapeutic properties such as witch hazel or sweetgrass.


Image credit: Photo of Black Spruce by clairity. Licensed under CC Attribution Share-Alike 2.0. This image has been cropped.

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1 L, 250 ml, 4 L


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