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Benzoin - Styrax Benzoin - Indonesia

Family:                        Styracea (Ebony family)

Country Of Origin:     Indonesia

Extraction:                  From resin of the tree (resinoid)

Volatility:                   Base note (fixative)

Colour:                        Golden to dark brown

Aroma:                        Heavy and sweet like vanilla


Noted Constituents

Benzoic acid (15 - 20%),  cinnamic acid ( 20%), vanillin,  benzyl cinnamate, coniferyl benzoate

Cautions and Safety Data

External use only.  Cheaper supplies and poor qualities may irritate skin due to unknown solvents used in extraction. Do not use on the skin full strength. Always dilute in appropriate carriers before use.   Use in small amounts. If pregnant or suffering from serious medical conditions, consult a qualified health professional, experienced in the use of essential oils.

Useful Information

This oil is a great alternative as an inhalant or topically for children and people with fragile respiratory conditions which may be aggravated by camphoraceous oils.  The characteristic vanilla aroma is generally agreeable to infants and those who like this sweet aroma.  Since vanilla is one of the most widely used and recognized aromas in the world, It is a great substitute to use in place of more expensive and rare vanilla bean oil when a natural fragrance of vanilla is required.

It is also known for centuries as a soothing, balsamic effect on inflamed skin with strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Benzoin is not an essential oil, rather a resinoid.  Pure benzoin is a resin and has to be melted over heat and extracted with solvents before use.

**Benzoic acid, which is found in the resin has become widely known as a preservative for foods.  However it is unreliable as a preservative in “natural cosmetics”.


Essential oils are not meant to be a replacement for traditional medical treatment of diseases and conditions.  When in doubt, please consult a physician.



Additional information

Weight N/A

100 ml, 1000 ml, 15 ml, 5 ml, 500ml


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