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Avocado Oil


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Avocado Oil – Persia gratissima  – Refined

This oil is light green in colour, has a distinctive aroma,  and does not go rancid easily but is prone to congeal when stored in the refrigerator.   

it is high in oleic acid. A typical avocado oil will be comprised of 70-75% oleic and palmitoleic acids, 10- 12% linoleic and linolenic acids, with the rest palmitic and stearic acids; The primary antioxidant in the oil is a-tocopherol, which is present at levels of 70-190 mg/kg oil.  It’s high absorption into the skin and deep penetrating ability makes it very useful in muscle preparations and conditions that affect the musclo-skeletal system.  Because it is rich in lecithin and vitamin A, B and D, it’s healing properties with regard to the skin are quite impressive.

It is important to store the oil away from light as the presence of chlorophyll can cause oxidization.  Otherwise this oil has reasonable stability.  It can be refrigerated but will go solid.  This does not impact the oil quality but you will have to leave at room temperature for awhile to use.

Avoid bleached or refined oils as they have been solvent extracted and have no therapeutic value.  The oil will appear as a pale yellow colour. Ironically, this grade of oil is primarily sold to the cosmetic industry because of the lack of colour and distinct aroma which can negatively affect formulas.

Avocado oil is now produced in many countries including Mexico, Chile, South Africa, and Kenya with New Zealand emerging as one of the largest producers of unrefined, cold pressed oil. Avocado oil world supply and price can fluctuate widely from year to year as only fruit which has been slightly damaged and not suitable for sale at  local markets or exported for sale in other countries is bought by oil processors. Some years there is very little diverted to oil production while other times weather plays a large factor.

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