Hydrosols – A by or co-product resulting from the distillation of plant material to obtain essential oils. A plant can be distilled which does not produce an essential oil, but does have aromatic and therapeutic properties such as witch hazel or sweetgrass. In most cases, hydrosols are very pleasant and friendly to the skin. These waters are mildly antiseptic, astringent, and lightly fragrant. They can be applied directly to the skin as a toner, mixed with creams, in facial compresses, lotions or used as a body splash. A great alternative to essential oils when treating children and are often referred to as the ‘gentle aromatherapy.’ When possible, use instead of just water.

All of our hydrosols are sourced directly from the process of the distillation of plant material to produce essential oils or hydrosol. We do not sell “floral waters” or manufactured aromatic waters which are created by dissolving essential oils with chemicals or alcohols in water. We could show you how to do that on your own. Hydrosols have a unique chemistry and energy which can’t be replicated by dissolving fragrance or essential oils in water.

Many hydrosols which are the byproduct of distilling an essential oil may not smell quite like the essential oil, as only the water soluble traces of the oil contribute to the aroma. Hydrosols are better used in manufacturing where the water must be heated to high temperatures as the aroma will survive and not evaporate or oxidize.

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