D.I.Y Cosmetic / Therapy Bases

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  • All Purpose Liquid Soap

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  • Aloe Vera Gel

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  • A closed jar of Basics Body Cream with an open jar showing the Cream beside it.

    Body Basics Natural Therapy Cream

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  • Body Basics Unscented Lotion

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  • A 60ml and a 240ml bottle of Coco Creme Cleansing Milk in front of a black background

    Facial Cleanser

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    Facial Therapy Cream Base

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  • A bottle of Glycerine in front of a white background


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  • Goldenlocks Hair Treatment Oil

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    Lip Balm Base

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  • Sale!

    Lip Balm DIY Kit

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  • A bottle of Nascent Naturals massage and bath oil in front of a black background

    Massage and Bath Oil Unscented Base

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  • Ointment Base

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  • A 60 milliliter and a 240 milliliter bottle of Body Wash in front of a black background

    Unscented Hand & Body Wash

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