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Have you ever wanted to start your own natural product business or line of essential Oils? This can be quite daunting as some of the obstacles are lack of knowledge and skill in development, expertise in purchasing quality ingredients, and where to find those great suppliers to obtain necessary materials. Then there is formula development which can be very costly.

The financial investment and burden of the inventory required to get started can be quite overwhelming.  You still need the  money and time to market your product and run the business.

That’s where we can help!  With hundreds of proven formulas, ingredients, essential and carrier oils we can arrange to package one of our favorite sellers into your containers.  We can also arrange slight modifications to customize your product by changing fragrance, essential oils or other fine botanicals.

If you have  a great formula but do not have the time to produce or can’t afford the high minimum unit numbers that some facilities require, we can negotiate smaller batches to get you started.  With our expertise, we may actually be able to improve your formula and cut costs of production.  We have done this many times before.

Popular products such as lavender, peppermint and unscented lotions, unscented creams, facial care cleansers, body butters and lip balms in a variety of useful and popular sizes.  We currently sell many of these items which you can purchase unlabled for your own applications.  Any product we currently sell, you can purchase unlabeled to add your personal business touch.  We provide ingredient details for accurate labelling and supportive information for marketing purposes.


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We also stock a limited but popular line of packaging including plastic and amber glass bottles, jars with many caps and closures to choose from.  We purchase these in case lots so the unit price we charge is probably less than purchasing smaller packs of units from many suppliers.  You can also provide your own packaging for custom products manufacturing.  We can also order custom packaging on your behalf for a nominal charge.

Do you want to sell your own line of essential oils but can’t afford to purchase drum sizes from direct sources to get the quality and paperwork? Don’t want to pay the outrageously high price per bottle fee with multilevel or network marketing companies? We can private label essential oils either in our stock amber glass bottles or use ones that you supply. With nearly 80 essential oils in stock, we can work with you to develope your own line of oils which suit specific markets or demographics. If you would like an essential oil which we don’t currently stock, then we can usually source it for you. It’s much less expensive and helps you start selling to your friends, family and other business contacts without a huge investment. No massive inventory, no paying for grossly overpriced oils, no padding someone else’s upline. We offer customer support, advice and proper education on the responsible uses of essential oils for safe effective long term uses and enjoyment of benefits. Check out our lineup of oils in our Online Store.

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Need some easy solutions to dilute oils? The carrier (vegetable) oils are simple. We can sell you multiple units in our bottles or send us your own. There is no minimum order as we do not have to mix or compound materials. Following is a list of some of the more frequently requested oils.

Almond Oil, *Coconut fractionated, *Coconut Virgin oil, *Coconut RBD 76, Castor, Grapeseed , Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba natural and clear, macadamia nut, Sunflower. Sizes ranging from 30, 60, 120, 250, 500 and 1 L. Check out the full list of available oils to be packaged in our online store

There is no minimum required and turnaround time is fast. * these oils may take longer lead time as the must be melted to fill containers.

We value customer relations and respect privacy. All interactions are highly confidential so your sources and “trade secrets” are safe with us. All parties are protected by mutual NDA’s (Non-disclosure agreement) We also have full product liability insurance.

We take the worry out of product development which allows you to focus on marketing and promoting your lines. So contact us today. We can help. Afterall, this is what we do for a living.

If you are planning to wade into the natural product market, here is some further reading for your entertainment.

It’s Not Easy or Cheap Being Green

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