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Pomegranate oil

Post by administrator on September 22, 2022

Pomegranate Seed Oil

INCI / Botanical  Name: Punica granatum
Extraction Method: Cold pressing of seeds
Origin: Turkey (processed in Netherlands)
Colour: Clear honey to light amber
Aroma: Bland slightly nutty
Viscosity: Medium thickness
Stability / Shelf Life:  1- 2 years  (refined up to 3 years)
Store at temperature range of 50–70°F away from direct sunlight is adequate. Keep tightly
capped after use. If you purchase large quantities for therapeutic use, keep only a small amount
(6 - 10 oz) on hand in a smaller bottle with the rest stored away.  Exposure to air and in some
 cases, high heat is what can most easily destabilize vegetable oils.
General Information
Pomegranate Seed Oil is natural triglyceride oil cold pressed and filtered.  It is best known for use in the cosmetic industry as an antioxidant as it is rich in the essential fatty acid punicic acid (up to 82%). Pomegranate is one of the few plant sources to have this unique substance. Other noted constituents include palmetic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids
As a result of these natural properties, the oil is reputed to have a special affinity to revitalize damaged or mature skin.  The oil provides vital nourishment to the skin while improving  elasticity by encouraging the production of collagen.  Many compendiums refer to it as a free radical scavenger.
Suggested Uses
Creams / Lotions
Add 1 -3% for delicate facial creams and lotions used for healing wounds, rashes and irritations, reducing appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.
Facial / Massage Oils
Add up to 5 % to a base oil mixture of any combination of coconut, jojoba or macadamia oil to create a luxurious nourishing skin treatment

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