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Natural Winter Skincare

Carriers and Essential Oils to Help Dry Winter Skin
Post by administrator on February 17, 2023

We’re in the thick of winter right now. We’re battling mountains of snow, and its’ cold. It’s FREEZING, and the air is dry. This can put your skin through the ringer and may require some extra TLC. Not to worry, there are a few carrier and essential oils that can help sooth and heal dry, cracked winter skin.


Let’s Talk Bases

A house is nothing without a strong foundation, and essential and carrier oils need a good base. You want to ensure you are using petroleum-free, plant-based products that will absorb into or otherwise nourish the skin. There are different options for bases, depending on your application needs.

Comparison Image of Lotion, Cream and Ointment
Lotion, Cream and Ointment Texture Comparison

Lotion – An emulsion of oil and water. Light and absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. In winter time, this may not provide enough oomf for your dry skin but it can be modified with other ingredients for added moisturizing and nourishing properties.


Cream – Thicker than a lotion, with a higher amount of oils and a lower amount of water. Creams can take longer to absorb into the skin, and can be preferred for when skin is dehydrated, and can be a better go-to for the winter months.


Ointment/Balm/Salve – This will be a mixture of fats, oils and waxes with a complete absence of water. Typical ingredients include beeswax or carnauba wax, vegetable butters such as shea, sal or cocoa, and vegetable oils. An ointment does not absorb into the skin like a lotion or cream, it sits on top. Because of this, they are best used when a barrier is needed (wind, diaper rash, lip balm, etc). It is not a moisturizer, it protects the skin and nourishes the moisture that is already there.

Ointments are an excellent choice for dry, cracked hands, elbows and skin. Applying at night shortly before bed can prevent it from being rubbed off throughout the day onto different surfaces. It’s great for skiers and snow boarders to apply to the exposed spots on the face for protection from the harsh, cold, wind!


Helpful Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil

Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil has emerged as a complete nutritious oil for skin, hair and body. Relaxed government regulations have allowed people to finally discover this wonder oil which is a renewable and sustainable crop. It’s also processed right here in Canada. It is incredibly beneficial for healing and relieving dry skin. The oil contains more naturally occurring essential fatty acids than most other plant-derived oils. A balanced 3:1 Omega-6: Omega-3 EFA ratio and GLA and Omega 9, make it a versatile ingredient for skincare.

Suggested Uses

Creams/Lotions: Add 1 -3% for delicate facial creams and 5 – 10% for body creams/lotions to help soothe and heal dry skin.

Ointment: Add 1 – 10% to an ointment as the last ingredient before removing from heat to solidify. Acts as an emollient to help repair skin.


Calendula Oil

A jar of Calendula oil macerating

Although this oil is derived from flowers, it is not classed as an essential oil. It is generally extracted by a method of maceration. whereby the flowers are saturated in a vegetable oil for a period of usually 6 weeks to allow the medicinal properties of the plant to seep into the oil. We make our own calendula oil every year to general pharmaecopia standards using pure locally manufactured sunflower oil as our experience indicates it is the best.

It’s tremendous healing abilities on the skin make it a popular remedy world wide. It is excellent for dry, cracked, itchy skin.

Suggested Uses: 

Massage Oil: Mix 5 – 25 % to any combination of fractionated coconut, almond or jojoba oil for a soothing massage  oil.

Creams / Lotions: Add up to 5 % to any one of our all natural plant based cream or lotion bases to increase skin absorption.

Ointments: melt in 5 – 10% to a natural ointment base to improve softening emollient effect.


Rosehip Seed Oil

Extracted from the ‘meat’ of the rose bud, this is a finer carrier oil where you only need a small amount. Rosehip seed oil is much more effective when properly diluted. It is an excellent oil for the skin, used in a lot of fine skincare. It’s great to add to your facial cream in the winter when your skin needs a bit more nourishment.

Suggested use

Add 0.5 – 2% to your facial cream for its emolliating and moisturizing properties.


Rosehip Seed Oil



Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender Officinalis
Lavender Officinalis

When in doubt, add lavender! Lavender can help sooth the itchy feeling of dry skin.

Suggested Use

Creams/Lotions/Ointments: Add 0.5 – 1% Lavender.


Frankincense Sacra Essential Oil

Frankincense Sacra
Frankincense Sacra

One of the most prized and skin-friendly varieties of Frankincense. Originating in Oman, the resin from which this oil is obtained survives in a dry, hostile environment and has been used for centuries by the local people to nourish and protect their skin.

Suggested Use

Creams/Lotions/Ointments: Add 0.5 – 1% Frankincense.


Suggestions: DIY Formulas for Dry Skin

Hand and Elbow Saver Salve



  • Melt ointment/salve in a double boiler and take off heat.
  • Add your Hemp Seed oil, Lavender and Frankincense and stir until fully incorporated.
  • Pour into container(s) and allow to cool.
  • Apply to dry, cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows, etc.


Extra-TLC Face Cream



  • In a small bowl, mix your Facial Cream Base with Rosehip, Lavender and Neroli. Gently stir until fully incorporated.
  • Scoop into storage container(s).
  • Apply morning and night to face as last step in skincare routine.

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