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Hidden gems – Meet Jasmin Fiore

Post by Sandy Powell on May 15, 2014

Hidden Gems – Meet Jasmin Fiore

Jasmin Fiore lakeside

A dynamic young mother of two small children, an advocate of good health who teaches yoga and, a cancer survivor, twice… Why am I writing about her? Well, when you hear about what she has been through the last few years and what she is doing to help others in spite of it all, it’s a great story about an exceptional person that I like to share.

Sometimes life kicks you not only where it hurts, or when you are down but sometimes both ways and several times in a row. Things were tripping along nicely for Jazz, when the floor of her life just kind of fell through. First was the diagnosis of breast cancer at 34 years. That’s devastating news at any age, especially for someone in the prime of her life with the world by the tail. Then her mother passed away from the same terrible disease three months later. What must go through one’s mind and shake their very soul during times like this.

After a rigorous treatment regime, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, cancer once again made a comeback; this time in her spine. More months of pain, treatment and reconstruction; enough already!

(I have provided links to her sites and blogs below so you can read more of her biography in her own words).

Now, for the great part; in the midst of the surgeries, pain, treatments, drugs and endless Dr.’s visits, people can become consumed by the illness and enter survival mode. It’s easy to understand how this happens, given the circumstances. I’ve known Jazz for many years and one thing that I respect is that she has been there and understands that part of healing. In these situations it’s important to break the cycle of sickness, depression, fear and pain which throws one’s world into chaos and interferes with recovery.

She knows that you must get back to the core; yourself; Stretch beyond what you are told and have experienced; Heal physically, mentally, emotionally and Grow past the identity with such an illness to evolve into something stronger, brighter and bolder, just like she has.

This gave rise to her idea of a yearly retreat for other young cancer survivors who have recently completed treatment. Stretch, Heal Grow, is devoted to these brave young women by offering support and empowerment of a different kind. It is a weekend to inspire, recharge and educate through yoga, meditation and healthy living workshops.

August is the second year for this fantastic gem of a retreat, and I believe at time of writing, there are 30 young women who will experience empowering change while releasing the grip of the old crab.

This would be a daunting task to organize for a young healthy person with no family to take care of. There is money to be raised, events to organize, volunteers to recruit, supplies to be donated, food to be prepared and transportation to arrange. The list always grows bigger and more extensive than you think. Everything about this event is volunteer and donations. Contact Jasmin to see what she still needs or if you think there is something you can contribute. This is a person who truly deserves some support. Every little bit helps. The ripple effect of change for 30 young women depends on it.

Sandy Powell

Her website is

Check out this helpful blog page she writes devoted to wellness, not just breast cancer patients but anyone who wants to improve their health.

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