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Happy (Day After) Earth Day!

Post by Sebastian the Editor on April 23, 2020
Happy Day after Earth Day! We know that yesterday had all the hype about the environment. I have always found the idea of Earth day to be quite obtuse. Celebrating one day where we appear to give a rat’s ass about the planet which we live on and must rely on to sustain our very existence in the face of the fact that in my generation alone have polluted this massive orbiting piece of rock to a point where aliens are not likely to come here just so they can avoid this floating landfill site. (Can you tell that we’re feeling a bit tired and overworked due making hand sanitizer because of COVID?) 

Level of Nitrogen Dioxide in the lower atmosphere over China in January 2020 vs. Febuary 
Satellite readings from NASA Earth Observatory

Now that people have been put on pause, we can see more than ever what we have done to the planet and how it can recover. Air pollution is going down worldwide, waterways are clearing up as there is barely any boat traffic. 
Rather than making a post, or donation, or cleaning up garbage one day a year, we do our part to take care of the planet every day.
Some of our efforts to further environmental initiatives are:
  • Minimal packaging. Our packaging is clean and simple. No extra flashy bottles, boxes or glossy inserts which, while attractive, add expense which is passed on to you, the consumer. We are more concerned with the quality of what goes inside the container. Besides, that nice frosted bottle or embossed 3 colour box won’t be of any use to help with your health and skincare issues.
  • Energy Efficient heating, cooling, electronics and appliances in our shop including LED light bulbs!
  • We are located in the country and operate on a septic system, therefore we make sure that everything which goes down the drain and into the ground is organic or biodegradable.

    We reuse all the packing material we can!

  • Responsible disposal of essential oil and other ingredient drums. Even though most of these items are considered natural, they must be properly disposed. Too many companies will just throw this stuff in the regular garbage. Not us! We don’t mind paying for disposal of these items. It’s worth the price. We also find people who want to reuse the drums for upcycling. For example, people use the drums to make bbqs, garden planters, and even equipment to make top soil mixture.
  • Recycled packing. We ship out thousands of orders which all require packing material. Through networking efforts, companies who receive a lot of shipments with packing materials (foam, paper, bubble wrap) but can’t reuse it give the material to us! This saves us money so we can be more competitive, and it doesn’t fill up their garbage or landfills. Win / Win! All businesses should engage in this!

This isn’t trendy to us, it’s just what we do and have done for over 20 years.

Maybe it should be changed to happy “I’m Showing I Give a Crap About the Earth Every Day” day.  Er, something like that…

– Sandy Powell

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