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Inclement Weather -we reserve the right to delay shipping certain contents due to excessive cold or hot temperatures and inclement weather.  Customers will be informed of any delays.  We can provide ambient temperature service at an extra charge should the shipment be urgent or time sensitive.  We do this because we care about our customers and that they receive orders in good condition.  Currently we are experiencing the deep freeze of a typical Canadian winter.  When temperatures dip below -15 celsius or 5 Farenheit we may inform our customers of the potential harm to shipments which can rise with length of time in transit.  Contents of shipment are also considered.  Ingredients or products which are not adversley afftected by cold such as salts, powdered goods and carrier oils may be fine. Some carrier oils such as jojoba or avocado oil may go solid but will return to liquid once at room temperature.  Depending on the size, this could take a few hours up to a few days. Essential oils are very vulnerable to cold and can also shatter in glass containers.  Some creams and lotions may separate as well.  Mnay water based products such as hydrosols may freeze but are not adversely affected.  They too should be thawed gently to avoid splitting containers or bottles.


Please note that We have moved.  See new address below.

We will do our best to respond quickly to any email requests, however, we are a small company that does not have dedicated staff to answer phones all day.  We are busy making product, new blends, bottling, filling, packaging, teaching, researching and various other activities to better serve our customers.  If you can't reach us right away, leave us a message via email, phone or FB post or contact page below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your consideration and support!


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Phone: (705) 487-6868
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