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Trials and Tribulations of St. Johns Wort!

Every year I make a large batch of St. Johns Wort oil.  The previous few years were not remarkable as the weather did not cooperate, plus finding a reasonable crop to wild craft was somewhat tricky as many of my usual places were not blooming.  This year however, did not disappoint. It was a bit […]

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Essential Oils and Masks - Is it a Good Idea?

I have been asked many times about whether putting drops of essential oils on masks is a good idea. Generally, I do not recommend putting any essential oils on your mask unless you will only be inhaling for a few minutes, then changing the mask, taking it off or discarding if it is disposable. If […]

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Happy (Day After) Earth Day!

Happy Day after Earth Day! We know that yesterday had all the hype about the environment. I have always found the idea of Earth day to be quite obtuse. Celebrating one day where we appear to give a rat’s ass about the planet which we live on and must rely on to sustain our very […]

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Why We Think Spray Sanitizer is BEST

We've noticed that there is a bias against spray hand sanitizers. People want gel sanitizer, but there's no reason to avoid sprays! We get it, gels are extremely convenient, and they are the most popular sanitizer formula by far. These's the unconscious belief that gel sanitizers are more effective, because it's the only form of […]

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Nascent Myth Busters: Hand Sanitizer

Hi all, it's Sebastian here! I was researching different hand sanitizer recipes to show Sandy and I found a common theme of terrible ideas. Some of these myths are coming from major news organizations! From trusted brands and companies! From pinterest bloggers- the most sacred institution! I'm here to bust these myths before they go […]

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7 Great Tips to Bring the Great Outdoors In with Essential Oils

The time of the year in our part of the world where we sadly close the windows, pack away the shorts and turn to indoor activities has arrived.  Yes it’s Fall or Autumn.  As we begin to hunker down for the harsh winter that Canada delivers every year, it can be a shock to our […]

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Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh – Gifts From the Magi or Three Smart Women in Disguise?

Discussions and debates have continued for centuries by theologians, evangelists, archaeologists and various historical experts on why these three gifts were presented to Jesus. The gold is obvious, but why the frankincense and myrrh?  Because I work with these precious raw materials and teach courses on essential oils, I am asked about this subject all […]

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Essential Oils: Making (UP) the Grade

Making Sense of the Nonsense on How Essential Oils are Rated There is a trend in the world of essential oils which is creating confusion and bias, leading to false claims and some safety issues for the public and professional users. It's the tendency to make up grades or use existing grades within the industry to […]

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More Proof to NOT Ingest Essential Oils - Especially With Children!

I received a message from a former student advising me that she was on the phone with someone with a crying baby. She asked why the baby was crying, and they indicated that they were trying to put pure frankincense drops in the baby's mouth and did not like the taste, hence the upset. I […]

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St. Johns Wort - The Vilified Healer

St. Johns Wort Oil - Hypericum perforatum Many herbs have the dubious distinction of being both powerful natural healing medicines throughout history yet somehow become a nuisance, invasive, toxic or harmful species which threatens our industrialized world in modern times.  St. Johns Wort is unfortunately on that list. First off, a brief history of this […]

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