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Ingesting Essential Oils: Nascent Myth Busters

Hi all, it's Sebastian here again. I've been itching to bust some myths about ingesting essential oils. We get asked almost daily about this when we have the storefront open. Whether it be cooking with essential oils, taking a couple drops internally, or adding it to your water, people seem to really want to ingest […]

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No, Hand Sanitizer Won't Set Your Car on Fire: Nascent Myth Busters

This image has been circulating social media for the past few weeks with warnings about hand sanitizer and cars, and has now made its way to radio and tv. The information being shared is incorrect, and we want to set the record straight. Myth: The image being circulated is from a car fire involving hand […]

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Nascent Myth Busters: Hand Sanitizer

Hi all, it's Sebastian here! I was researching different hand sanitizer recipes to show Sandy and I found a common theme of terrible ideas. Some of these myths are coming from major news organizations! From trusted brands and companies! From pinterest bloggers- the most sacred institution! I'm here to bust these myths before they go […]

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Essential Oils Will Not Mix With Water!

Based on their chemistry, pure essential oils obtained via distillation will NOT mix with water. Not only will they NOT mix with water, their specific gravity in most cases is lighter so they will float on top. Anyone who disputes this fact had better do some research on how essential oils are extracted from plants. […]

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