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Working with clays

Clays are commonly used in a wide variety of applications, everything from facial masks to first aid. In aromatherapy, the primary use of clay is to draw out and remove impurities while stimulating circulation. Some clays such as dead sea mud and pumice powder provide exfoliation. Most of the time, clays are mixed with a […]

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Carrier Oils – A General Reference

Carrier oils are also known as “fixed or vegetable oils.” A fixed oil is a compound of glycerol and a fatty acid. They are called fixed oils to distinguish from an essential oil, which evaporates when in contact with the air or when it is heated. We only sell carrier oils from vegetable source. They […]

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Coconut Oils: Making the Right Choice

A great resurgence of interest in coconut oil has begun. This is very encouraging as it may be one of the best oils to use both internally and externally. It was a staple for many years in our diets worldwide until the seed oil industry took over in the early 60’s and began imposing hydrogenated […]

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