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Working with Resinous Oils

Resinous essential oils are a topic we’ve received many questions about in the last few weeks, so we figured it was time to write a post about them!     What is a Resin? What is a Resinous Oil? A resin is produced by trees, typically coniferous trees. It can also be known as gum […]

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Essential Oils for Repelling Snakes

Essential oils have long been used as natural pest control for flying and crawling bugs, but what about more scary bigger creepy crawly reptilians such as snakes?  Here in Canada we only have a few venomous snakes such as the Massasauga Rattlesnake (Georgian Bay region of Ontario), Prairie Rattlesnake (Saskatchewan, Alberta), Western Rattlesnake & Desert […]

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What to Do with Old or Expired Essential Oils?

As a quick reference… What you shouldn’t do: Do NOT throw them away! Do NOT use them in clinical/therapeutic uses, especially on the skin   What you can do: Add to laundry soap or cleaning supplies Works as a great degreaser for extra cleaning power Outdoor bug/pest repellency Weed control/gardening For more details and how […]

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Essential Oils for Christmas Spirit

It’s December, and in many parts of the world, some form of holiday festivities are rolling out with anticipation of fun, food, decoration, celebration and gift giving.  There is always debate to which essential oils are most useful or capture the mood of tis season. Well, depending on your memories, traditions, faith or focus for […]

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Ti-Tree Essential Oil: What’s the Science?

Ti-Tree essential oil is often praised for its anti-microbic properties, particularly as an anti-bacterial agent. It’s recommended for everything from acne to first-aid. But what’s the science behind it? I wanted to find out, so I did some digging on the research studies that have been done. Below I have summarized a few different studies […]

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Neroli – Loved by Royalty

Neroli is a precious essential oil that comes from the Orange Blossom. This  sweet, exotic oil is used in perfumes and skincare. For centuries royalty and people of high status have loved Neroli for its beautiful aroma and its wonderful healing properties. A few famous highlights include:   Queen Victoria Queen Victoria of England had […]

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Easy to Make Essential Oil Rollerballs

Rollerballs make a great gift for three key reasons – They’re easy to make, affordable, and extremely customizable! All you need to make your essential oil rollerball blend is:   Up to 10 drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice A 10ml Glass Roll-On Bottle A carrier oil (We recommend Fractionated Coconut. We do […]

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7 Essentials of Mental Clarity

With the challenges of COVID, self-isolating, quarantine and staying inside, time has flown by and we’re all stuck in a mental fog. Life is starting to fall into our new normal: kids are going back to school, and people are heading back to work. Reality snaps you to FOCUS whether it’s school, a job or […]

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Essential Oils and Masks – Is it a Good Idea?

I have been asked many times about whether putting drops of essential oils on masks is a good idea. Generally, I do not recommend putting any essential oils on your mask unless you will only be inhaling for a few minutes, then changing the mask, taking it off or discarding if it is disposable. If […]

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Chemicals: You’re Surrounded

Chemicals, chemicals! They’ll melt your skin, they’ll eat your children! Oh, the horror! And even worse, they’re in your water, they’re in the air, you can’t escape them! Unless, of course, you buy a very special ‘chemical free’ essential oil for $75. In the past few years, there has been a growing worry over the […]

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