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Pride Month, Giving Back, The LGBT Community in Canada

It's the 3rd of June, which means Pride month has already kicked off! For the staff here at Nascent Naturals, LGBT rights and acceptance are a cause that personally we care about greatly. We are proud to employ members of the LGBT community. Personally (as Sebastian the Editor), I'm proud to be a transgender man. […]

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Ti-Tree Essential Oil: What's the Science?

Ti-Tree essential oil is often praised for its anti-microbic properties, particularly as an anti-bacterial agent. It's recommended for everything from acne to first-aid. But what's the science behind it? I wanted to find out, so I did some digging on the research studies that have been done. Below I have summarized a few different studies […]

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Neroli - Loved by Royalty

Neroli is a precious essential oil that comes from the Orange Blossom. This  sweet, exotic oil is used in perfumes and skincare. For centuries royalty and people of high status have loved Neroli for its beautiful aroma and its wonderful healing properties. A few famous highlights include:   Queen Victoria Queen Victoria of England had […]

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Fly, Fix, Fail - Alcohol-Free Sanitizers Won't Cut It

In our latest installment of Fly, Fix or Fail, this is a timely review of a few hand sanitizer formulations or recipes floating around out there on the social media school of making lousy products.  In my opinion it is very important to expose these types of products  for being ineffective and due to their […]

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Essential Oils and Masks - Is it a Good Idea?

I have been asked many times about whether putting drops of essential oils on masks is a good idea. Generally, I do not recommend putting any essential oils on your mask unless you will only be inhaling for a few minutes, then changing the mask, taking it off or discarding if it is disposable. If […]

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Ingesting Essential Oils: Nascent Myth Busters

Hi all, it's Sebastian here again. I've been itching to bust some myths about ingesting essential oils. We get asked almost daily about this when we have the storefront open. Whether it be cooking with essential oils, taking a couple drops internally, or adding it to your water, people seem to really want to ingest […]

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Natural Insect Repellent Tips

It's finally summer. It's time to pull out your liberated lawn chair to bask for the first time in oh about 8 months, to sit down with a favorite book and refreshing drink – outside. Abruptly the hair stands up on your neck. An odd sound swirling nearby catches your attention, with an eerie sensation […]

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No, Hand Sanitizer Won't Set Your Car on Fire: Nascent Myth Busters

This image has been circulating social media for the past few weeks with warnings about hand sanitizer and cars, and has now made its way to radio and tv. The information being shared is incorrect, and we want to set the record straight. Myth: The image being circulated is from a car fire involving hand […]

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Pet Tick Prevention with Essential Oils

The weather seems to change four times a day, but it is starting to warm up. This unfortunately means that we are entering tick season. Ticks are commonly found in wooded and grassy areas.  They can latch onto your dog and carry many terrible pathogens which can cause lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and anaplasmosis. I've been […]

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Why We Think Spray Sanitizer is BEST

We've noticed that there is a bias against spray hand sanitizers. People want gel sanitizer, but there's no reason to avoid sprays! We get it, gels are extremely convenient, and they are the most popular sanitizer formula by far. These's the unconscious belief that gel sanitizers are more effective, because it's the only form of […]

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