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The Seven Essentials: BABY CARE

Babies – they’re sweet, innocent with soft, supple skin and sensitive noses that are… vulnerable.  The first years are critical to develop healthy epidermis that provides warmth, protection and strong immunity.  We shield them from the sun, extreme cold, heat plus numerous pollutants, chemicals and toxins to ensure this happens gradually. Everyone aspires to have […]

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More Proof to NOT Ingest Essential Oils – Especially With Children!

I received a message from a former student advising me that she was on the phone with someone with a crying baby. She asked why the baby was crying, and they indicated that they were trying to put pure frankincense drops in the baby’s mouth and did not like the taste, hence the upset. I […]

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Pure Lemon Oil Applied to Apples for Children at School? Please Stop!

A  concerned customer sent me an email indicating that a few people at the school which her grandson attends, are taking it upon themselves to put pure lemon essential (essence) oil on sliced apples which they are serving to the children in the cafeteria.  This is a school fostering kindergarten to grade 7. The lemon […]

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Diffusing Essential Oils: Safe and Effective Tips

There is a new fad to entice consumers to blow through copious amounts of essential oils. They’re called electric essential oil diffusers, atomizers, nebulizers or any other contraption that will force essential oil into the air at warp speed.  So why am I writing about this? Because so many of you have asked for my […]

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Rules of Treating Children With Essential Oils

While essential oils continue to gain popularity worldwide as an alternative or compliment  to medical and pharmaceutical drug centered treatments; it is vitally important that proper care and caution are used where children are concerned.  I have been teaching about and treating children since 1990 with great success and happy to report no negative effects […]

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Using Essential Oils as Natural Insect Repellents for Children? Please be Careful!

A woman called me for advice the other day; I’m glad she did. She was told to make a natural insect repellent for her 2 year old son from the following items; 4 tbsp. witch hazel, 30 drops citronella essential oil, 20 drops rosemary essential oil. I was almost speechless but then managed to blurt […]

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Essential Oils and Natural Alternatives to Commercial Fabric Softeners

Commercial fabric softeners have come under increasing scrutiny as potentially hazardous. So what is the problem with them? Why should consumers look to natural alternatives? And, how did the need for fabric softeners develop? Fabrics have evolved over the years from natural fibers such as wool, hemp and cotton, to synthetic materials like rayon, polyester […]

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