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7 Essential Oils for Love and Romance

Essential oils and the plants from which they are obtained have throughout history shown to be multifaceted for use with many conditions emotional and physical. But what about their use for erogenous endeavours?  Following is my top seven essentials to create love potions plus a few honorable mentions. Bergamot - This is an obvious one […]

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7 Essentials of Mental Clarity

With the challenges of COVID, self-isolating, quarantine and staying inside, time has flown by and we're all stuck in a mental fog. Life is starting to fall into our new normal: kids are going back to school, and people are heading back to work. Reality snaps you to FOCUS whether it’s school, a job or […]

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7 Great Tips to Bring the Great Outdoors In with Essential Oils

The time of the year in our part of the world where we sadly close the windows, pack away the shorts and turn to indoor activities has arrived.  Yes it’s Fall or Autumn.  As we begin to hunker down for the harsh winter that Canada delivers every year, it can be a shock to our […]

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The Seven Essentials: INSECT REPELLENT

So it’s mid spring. You’ve thrown off the coat, traded in sweaters for that bright little short sleeve number that allows the sun to gently bathe your wintry white skin. Pulling out your liberated lawn chair to bask for the first time in oh about 8 months, to sit down with a favorite book and […]

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The Seven Essentials: SPRING CLEANING

You can feel it. The days are getting longer, the sun feels just a bit warmer and brighter. Yes, spring is in the air, floating just around the corner. It’s not quite time to thrust open the windows allowing nature to waft in – still too cold. You want to banish the stuffy air in […]

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The Seven Essentials: Cooling the summer heat

So, it’s summer, the harsh damp frigid weather just a few months ago is now a distant memory.  Your attention turns to those uncomfortable hot humid days and sleepless nights; Here in Canada we have an unwritten rule to not complain about the heat given our notoriously cold long winters, which leaves many longing in […]

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The Seven Essentials: FIRST AID

The Seven Essentials of First Aid. So, summer is in full swing and the great outdoor, weekend warrior, extreme sports enthusiast inside you has been awakened. The warm sunny days have triggered that primal need to get outside, fix that fence, spruce up the gardens, water-ski, cannonballs off the dock or just get on a […]

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The Seven Essentials: BABY CARE

Babies – they’re sweet, innocent with soft, supple skin and sensitive noses that are… vulnerable.  The first years are critical to develop healthy epidermis that provides warmth, protection and strong immunity.  We shield them from the sun, extreme cold, heat plus numerous pollutants, chemicals and toxins to ensure this happens gradually. Everyone aspires to have […]

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