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Canadian Products We’re Proud to Carry

Post by Sebastian the Editor on June 30, 2020

Happy Canada Day! We are so proud to be a Canadian company and we do our best to source as many natural ingredients from here as possible.  However, there are very few we can obtain.  Although this land is quite vast, our climate does not allow for growth of most of the crops which produce many essential oils, carrier oils and extracts.  Still, we manage to get what we can. Here are a few of our favourite Canadian products!


Calendula Oil:

A jar of Calendula oil macerating

We are proud to make our own Calendula oil using flowers from Belle Root’s Farm in Tiny, Ontario!

Although this oil is derived from flowers, it is not classed as an essential oil. It is generally extracted by a method of maceration. whereby the flowers are saturated in a vegetable oil for a period of usually 6 weeks to allow the medicinal properties of the plant to seep into the oil. We make

our own calendula oil every year to general pharmaecopia standards using pure locally manufactured sunflower oil as our experience indicates it is the best. We only manufacture one batch per year as we like to use the power of the summer sun to do the work; not heating it on a stove!

We started making our own nearly 20 years ago as we like consistency and have more control over price and quality. If you have shopped around you will soon find that there is quite a variation of this by suppliers. Many of our customers use this oil in remedies and manufacturing so having a stable consistent product is important.

It’s tremendous healing abilities on the skin make it a popular remedy world wide. Therapeutic uses include chapped, cracked skin, and soothing of bedsores thanks to It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.

Suggested Uses: 

Massage Oil: Mix 5 – 25 % to any combination of fractionated coconut, almond or jojoba oil for a soothing massage  oil.

Creams / Lotions: Add up to 5 % to any one of our all natural plant based cream or lotion bases to increase skin absorption

Ointments: melt in 5 – 10% to a natural ointment base to improve softening emollient effect.


Hemp Seed Oil: 

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil has emerged as a complete nutritious oil for skin, hair and body. Relaxed government regulations have allowed people to finally discover this wonder oil which is a renewable and sustainable crop. It’s also processed right here in Canada. The oil contains more naturally occurring essential fatty acids than most other plant-derived oils, many of which have to be sourced from other parts of the world. A balanced 3:1 Omega-6: Omega-3 EFA ratio and GLA and Omega 9, make it a versatile ingredient for skincare and dietary requirements. Don’t worry (or be disappointed) . This oil will not make you high.

Hemp oil is chock full of nutritional fatty acids, lipids and omegas which makes it a perfect choice for skincare needs. It absorbs easily providing needed nourishment to the skin hair and nails

Suggested Uses:

Creams / Lotions : For the following, use only natural plant based creams, lotions and ointments
Add 1 -3% for delicate facial creams. Used for healing wounds, rashes and irritating skin conditions, reducing appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.  Add 5 -10 % to lotions and create a softer luxurious feeling skin treatment

Massage Oils : Add 1-5% to body massage oil blends to sooth dry cracked irritated skin.  May be used 50 % to full strength with some severe skin conditions until symptoms improve.

Facial / Massage Oils : Add up to 5 % to a base oil mixture of any combination of coconut, jojoba or macadamia oil to create a luxurious nourishing skin treatment

Ointments : Add 1 -10 % to an ointment base as last ingredient before removing from heat to solidify. Acts as an emollient to sooth damaged, irritated skin.


Sunflower Oil:

Greece has olive oil, France has grapeseed oil but Canada has something better- Sunflower oil. Created as the byproduct of manufactured flour, this rich, nutty oil is exquisite in it’s simplicity. Pure, unrefined, organic. We’re not talking about that cheap hydrogenated refined oil you find in the grocery store. sold by the gallon. Our oil is sourced from a small artisan company which makes flour from local sunflower crops. Their focus is on the quality of the flour so they don’t process, add heat or refine the oil in any way.

I am an avid cook and just love to use it in most of my cooking needs. It has a light wholesome nutty aroma and flavour. Once you use this oil you will not want to go back to the cheap chain supermarket oil.

Another underrated use is to macerate certain plant materials for specialty oils such as calendula, carrot, elder and comfrey. You should stabilize with natural vitamin E if you plan to make some of these oils.

Suggested Uses:

Maceration of certain plant materials, particularly carrot and calendula. We recommend stabilizing the oil with pure vitamin E and adding approx 20% fractionated coconut (Medium chain triglycerides) after oil has been filtered.

Massage – A perfect low cost base oil which can be modified by adding other special carrier oils such as avocado, st. Johns Wort, pomegranate or rosehip. Very nourishing to the skin. To extend it’s shelf life, mix up to 50 / 50 with castor, fractionated coconut or jojoba oil.

Creams / Lotion Manufacturing –A great filler oil to add nourishment for dry, irritated skin.  Works well with coconut and castor oils.

Ointments & Body Butters  – This oil functions very well in salves and body butters but we recommend adding it after the other oils, butters and waxes have melted so it is  not exposed to heat.  Bring the mixture to liquid form again, stir and pour immediately.


Black Spruce Essential Oil:

A five milliliter bottle of Black Spruce essential oil in front of a photo background of a Black Spruce tree

A very stimulating and aggressive oil. According to K. Schnaubelt, a blend of black spruce, cedar (atlas) and peppermint applied to the body after shower will mimic the effects of morning coffee for several hours. External application of oil to kidneys may re-energize exhausted adrenals. Strong antimicrobial effects. makes it a strong disinfectant Great room sanitizer and effective to clear the mind and disinfect
Has been referred to as “Canada’s answer to Ti-tree oil”. Black spruce contains significant amounts of esters (up to 35%), unlike most essential oils obtained from coniferous trees such as cedarleaf, pine or fir which typically contain little or none. The presence of this exotic chemical family softens the usual harsh effects of coniferous oils and provides for some rather mysterious reactions such as a hypnotic effect when over used. It is also much more skin friendly although you should always dilute thoroughly before use.

Suggested Uses: Black Spruce can be used to create a room cleansing spray, it can be used for chest colds/infections, and dogs LOVE it.


Cedar Leaf Hydrosol:

A 5ml bottle of Cedarleaf essential oil in front of a cedar branch

Also known as  arborvitae, white cedar or  “Tree of Life”.  The cedar tree is part of the  cupressaceae botanical family which includes both red and white cedars.  It is native to Canada and other parts of North America.  Although it is often referred to as cedar, it’s not actually part of the cedar family.

This exquisite sweet and refreshing hydrosol has been used for centuries by many native cultures to purify the air, remove negative energies and attract healthy positive spirits. According to North American legend, cedar is considered the protector as it is a favorite of the “Thunder Beings” .  It is common practise to burn cedar leaves, incense made from the tree, or spray the hydrosol during thunderstorms as the legend also indicates that lightning will not hit a cedar tree.

While the essential oil is considered toxic and requires skilled use by trained Aromatherapists and other essential oil users, the hydrosol is quite gentle and can be used safely for many purposes.

Suggested Uses:

Skin: Astringent effect, disinfect wounds, soothe inflamed skin.

Pets:  Used widely in pet products as they prefer the natural aroma to synthetic perfumes.  Add to natural soaps, make sprays to reduce odours on pets and their beds

Home: Make a spray to freshen the air, provide outdoor aroma in winter

Spiritual: Used as a “liquid smudge” when burning incense  or sage sticks is not an option.  Native traditions indicate it helps to clear negative spirits and energies. Combine with sweetgrass hydrosol for better effects.


Sweetgrass Hydrosol:

The origin of the name sweetgrass emanates from the Greek word “Hieros” which means sacred or holy, and “Chloe” which simply refers to grass. This grass grows abundantly in many parts of the world particularly North America but several other species are found in Greenland, Iceland, Northern Asia and Europe. It prefers marsh like wetlands to flourish.

In North America, it is best known for ceremonial purposes in Native culture to clear and purify the air in churches and other sacred or holy places.

The aroma is quite peculiar and similar to the freshness of cut grass or hay. In my opinion, it is the best natural plant which captures the scent of fresh rain. Unlike most herbs, sweetgrass aroma strengthens when the plant is dried. The plant does not produce an essential oil, but the hydrosol is quite fragrant.

Suggested Uses:

Spiritual Purification: The properties of sweetgrass as a smudge are well known, but if producing smoke is not an option, then try using this hydrosol as a spray. Simply put some into a spray bottle and use liberally. You can use it full strength or dilute with water or add other hydrosols. Try adding some sage (first diluted in glycerine) for added aroma and potency.

Skincare:  Great addition to creams and lotions. Provides a fresh aroma and astringent properties. Use with other hydrosols and / or glycerine as a toner to freshen or cleanse skin.


We hope that everyone has a safe and happy Canada Day!

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