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Calendula Oil

Post by administrator on September 21, 2022

Calendula Oil - Calendula officinalis -Sunflower Infused

Made in Canada

Although this oil is derived from flowers, it is not classed as an essential oil. It is generally extracted by a method of maceration. whereby the flowers are saturated in a vegetable oil for a period of usually 6 weeks to allow the medicinal properties of the plant to seep into the oil. We make our own calendula oil every year to general pharmaecopia standards using pure locally manufactured sunflower oil as our experience indicates it is the best. We only manufacture one batch per year as we like to use the power of the summer sun to do the work; not heating it on a stove!

We started making our own nearly 20 years ago as we like consistency and have more control over price and quality. If you have shopped around you will soon find that there is quite a variation of this by suppliers. Many of our customers use this oil in remedies and manufacturing so having a stable consistent product is important.

It's tremendous healing abilities on the skin make it a popular remedy world wide. Therapeutic uses include chapped, cracked skin, and soothing of bedsores thanks to It's anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.

There is a slight nutty aroma to this oil.

Shelf Life: This oil when stored correctly should last two years. may be stored in refrigeratior or cool dark place.


Suggested Uses

Massage Oil: Mix 5 - 25 % to any combination of fractionated coconut, almond or jojoba oil for a soothing massage oil.

Creams / Lotions: Add up to 5 % to any one of our all natural plant based cream or lotion bases to increase skin absorption

Ointments: melt in 5 - 10% to a natural ointment base to improve softening emollient effect.


Image credit: Photo of Calendula flowers by Dinesh Valkea. Licensed under CC Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 Generic. This image has been remixed/edited.

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