10 Excellent Reasons to Take Our Workshops

10 Excellent Reasons to Take Our Workshops

  1. Learn the difference between an anti-oxidant and a preservative; and why both are needed in a cream or lotion.
  2. When and how to properly mix essential oils and other fine botanicals into a finished product.
  3. What are the government restrictions about making a sunscreen or insect repellent?
  4. How to emulsify oils and water together so they don’t separate.
  5. The best vegetable oils to use when making a cream
  6. The best ingredients for optimal performance of a product.
  7. How to become an excellent label reader and decipher how ingredients are listed and why many companies stretch the truth or lie.
  8. How to save lots of money over time by creating simple products that cater to your specific needs and have peace of mind that you know exactly what is in your product
  9. How to create a safe, stable and effective product.
    And my personal favorite…
  10. How to become educated enough to determine that many recipes published on the internet are dangerous, useless or will not be effective, avoiding wasted time, frustration and expensive ingredients?

Well, there are many more but these are just some of the very useful things you learn in my workshops. Even if you don’t plan to make your own products in the future, you will become a far more educated consumer in the convoluted natural product industry.
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