Can a Mixture of Vinegar and Essential Oils Soften Clothes?

Can a Mixture of Vinegar and Essential Oils Soften Clothes?

Fabric Softener RSomeone asked me recently if a mixture of just vinegar and essential oils will be effective as natural fabric softener. The answer is…. Yes and No; Yes to the vinegar, No to the essential oils. Now hold on here, don’t get your shorts in a knot, the essential oils do have a purpose with natural fabric softeners but not to soften. The short explanation is that essential oils won’t mix with water or vinegar so how can they soften the water or clothes? However, they are naturally derived which provides many other benefits instead of those pervasive, cloying aromas used in commercial products. The acidic nature of vinegar works well to dissolve soap residue so it’s useful to add to the rinse cycle. If you want a more complete explanation which includes why most commercial fabric softeners are hazardous to your health, plus simple natural ingredients and recipes that will work, Click here.

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