Delicious and Natural Pomegranate Seed Oil

Delicious and Natural Pomegranate Seed Oil

pomegranite slider (2)Pomegranate Seed Oil – Cold pressed and filtered from the seeds, place of origin Turkey.

This beautiful carrier oil has reputed properties to revitalize damaged or mature skin. The oil provides vital nourishment to the skin while improving elasticity by encouraging the production of collagen. Many compendiums refer to it as a free radical scavenger.

Suggested Uses – Creams/Lotions
Add 1 – 3% for delicate facial creams and lotions used for healing wounds, rashes and irritations, reducing appearance of wrinkles and improving elasticity.

Available now while supply lasts in 60 ml and 250 ml bottles. Visit our Online Store for more information on our products and pricing.


Never use any essential oils undiluted on the skin. Keep away from eyes. Essential oils are for external use only. Never apply essential oils to children under 5 without consulting a professional.

For more guidelines on suitable, unscented, plant based cosmetic bases to mix the essential oils with, refer to our blog and articles for the next few weeks on tips for simple, effective use of these oils for your environment and safe topical recipes for the skin. Please visit our online store to purchase some of these useful ingredients.

Essential oils marked with * are not recommended to be used on the skin and are more effective for indirect or environmental use.

Essential oils marked with a ** are not to be used in direct sunlight.

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