Synthetic Aromas – The Great Coverup Part 1

Synthetic Aromas – The Great Coverup Part 1

“Nature gave birth to the sense of smell because there was evolutionary pressure for the members of the animal kingdom to recognize environmental compounds which were necessary for survival. Animals need the sense of smell to identify members of their own species in order to mate and thus propagate their own kind. In addition, animals use their sense of smell to recognize their own homes or (nests). Humans, like their biological ancestors, are also sensitive to the odors of their own species and odors that signify home such as trees, flowers and foods. The ability to smell these wonderful odors is our biological heritage. It is these odors designed by nature – floral, wood and exotic smells – that are found in fragrance. Thus they are the very odors that our sense of smell evolved to detect.”
Dr. Susan Schiffman Ph.D
I doubt Dr. Schiffman wrote this quote with the idea that fabric softeners, laundry detergents, aerosol fresheners and plug ins ( see that I refuse to use the brand names because I won’t lend to the publicity) developed in a laboratory to mimic our natural environment, would become what seems to now define many homes and personal spaces.

Disclaimer  –   Please avoid contact with eyes.  While it is a natural and gentle mixture, it is not recommended for direct application to the skin.

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