Insect Repellent Tip of the day – skin

Insect Repellent Tip of the day – skin

For Applications Directly on the Skin:

When bug season begins, start adding a few drops of essential oils with insect repellent properties to your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotions on a daily basis. This creates a gradual buildup of the oils on your skin without irritation. It also negates the need for high concentrations of essential oils in single applications which could be hazardous or strong  aroma.

Make sure the base product of choice (lotions, creams, soap) is neutral and does not contain bug attracting ingredients such as paraffin-based emulsifiers or synthetic aromas. We have a whole selection of natural, unscented cosmetic bases which are suitable.  For more information go to:

To make this easy, you can mix  5-10 drops (in total) of any combination of suggested oils listed below into  one of our all natural plant based creams, lotions or soap.  Then transfer to an appropriate jar or bottle.  This way, you can experiment with creating a favorite combination without wasting larger amounts of product.

Ironically, many of the scents used in commercial body and hair care products will actually attract the annoying little biters!

Suggested oils: basil, eucalyptus (lemon), geranium, lemongrass, patchouli, peppermint, ti-tree.  For more info on natural vs commercial insect repellents please read this article

Disclaimer  –   Please avoid contact with eyes.  While it is a natural and gentle mixture, it is not recommended for direct application to the skin.

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