Insect repellents – Patios

Insect repellents – Patios

Natural Insect Repellents Tip of the Day  

Outside Patios

Tip # 1

You can drip essential oils full strength on patio decks which are not stained, painted or varnished.  Since pure essential oils will degrade or dissolve plastics, paint and varnished surfaces over time, apply essential oils to pieces of cedarwood or any other untreated wood, strategically placed around seating area.

Tip # 2

When cleaning furniture, mix in any listed essential oils to an unscented soap or detergent base.  Wash seating and deck area with soap mixture and rinse.  Since most insects are very sensitive, they will pick up on the residue and be repelled by it.  Remember synthetic aromas may actually attract insects.

Tip # 3

Place a fan outside on the patio floor.  The constant movement of air is a deterrent to insects as they can’t zero in on carbon dioxide emanating from your body.

Suggested Oils:   citronella, cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, lemon eucalyptus peppermint, ti-tree.   ** Use black flies basil 

Disclaimer  –   Please avoid contact with eyes.  While it is a natural and gentle mixture, it is not recommended for direct application to the skin.

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