Bugs Chasing You Indoors?

Bugs Chasing You Indoors?

are-mosquitos-keeping-you-indoorsWell, the season got off to a cool, damp and drab start but now it looks like things are heating up which is just perfect for bugs. The brutal winter we just experienced is now but a memory but the massive amount of snow and precipitation we received is still having an effect as the land is still very wet with a lot of swamped areas and standing water.

Mosquitoes, black flies and deer flies love this as it allows them to incubate their blood thirsty spawn to later be unleashed on our unprotected skin which desperately wants to feel the warmth of the sun.

For those who don’t want to use commercial insect repellants, natural products, in particular essential oils are one of the best alternatives. However, the key to their effectiveness is in proper use.

Most of my information is based on a combination of personal

A nasty deer fly ready to pounce

A nasty deer fly ready to pounce

experience and chemical research on these ingredients as I live in an area where the blackflies, deerflies or mosquitoes will drag you through a bush backwards, showing no mercy.
Check out our latest article on the use of essential oils vs. commercial repellants along with daily tips and recipes in our blogs over the next several weeks for safe, simple solutions to ward off the annoying little biters.

Enjoy Your Summer…

Sandy Powell

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