Natural Insect Repellents Tip of the Day – Laundry

Natural Insect Repellents Tip of the Day – Laundry

During bug season, start adding essential oils to your laundry detergent. Make sure it is unscented since fragrances can attract insects, and in liquid form so the oils will mix thoroughly. Fabric softener residue is notorious for attracting mosquitos to your clothing. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is a suitable replacement. About 1 /2 cup baking soda to 4 oz. baking soda should be sufficient per load.

There are no limits to how much you add to your detergent and cleaners since the product is not applied to the skin. However, 10 – 20 drops essential oil per load would be suggested.

This will also help with flying and crawling pests in your home. Dry your clothes on a clothesline as the heat from a dryer will dissipate the aroma and effect. It also keeps pests off your clothes while drying outside. This leaves a subtle residue of the essential oils on clothing which makes you a less appealing target.

Suggested Essential Oils: camphor, citronella, cedarwood, clove, cinnamon, peppermint, ti-tree.

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