Finding Neem O

Finding Neem O

I have known about Neem oil for many years. One of my oil brokers kept sending me samples; however the smell was reminiscent to me of rotten peanut butter with smelly gym socks in a jar left out in the sun too long. I know, I know, I have quite a vivid imagination for some things. Given that I need carriers with limited or neutral aroma for blending with essential oils, I generally have ignored it till recently.

However, I have come to really appreciate this oil since it is good for a plethora of stubborn skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and severe itch not to mention it’s great for a dog’s skin. Gardeners love to use it as a natural insecticide, and it is a great insect repellant for personal use. I’ve been incorporating it into some skincare products for customers on request and really love how it enhances the texture of the lotions and creams.

Oh, and about that smell issue; It doesn’t seem to linger on the skin and can easily be masked by a few of your favorite essential oils. Check it out as we now have it for sale in the online store.

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